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Pirate Ship working rudder, crane, cannon by technic parts


If you like this one & project #2750 (2-sided SNOT helper, got most supports of mine).
Please support both of them, Thank you very much for your kind support :-).

I have almost 20 projects on cuusoo for now. 12 of them are new brick design.

Please watch YouTube video below.

Can sold seperate as an upgrade kit.

LEGO Pirate ship mod working rudder and crane Brickbeards Bounty 6243.

Steering wheel with clutch for rear cannon 360 degree rotate..(temporarily disable rudder control)

Full function 3 chanels crane control,all sewage have 1 worm gear for smooth control and auto lock position (doesn't lock by friction).
All crane string guide by pulley for smooth operate and protect string.

Add anchor with chain winch.

Captains quarters and kitchen remain playable space.

For more my lego moc photos please go to brickshelf search member nachapon.

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