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Fish restaurant - The Ship


Welcome to the nautical themed fish restaurant "The Ship". Here the patron/chef serves customer a brilliant fish soup or - why not - try the fish and chips? The lower floor features a barrel as table for the customer on the go, as well as the kitchen and the stair to the upper area. The second floor has one standing table as well as one for customers who like to sit down. One wall has an impressive painting of a ship (maybe the very same ship that is coming out of the front of the building?). The chimney runs pipe through the building, in the inner corner. from the stove all the way up to the roof.

This building contains three minifigs, the patron/chef and two customers.

The building stands on a 16*16 base plate and has connecting snap pieces facing in each sideway direction. The second floor and the roof are removable. There is a piece of the wall behind the kitchen that is also removable, to help you put your minifigs in place behind the counter and underneath the stairs.

I have used the Lego Digital Designer, with it's functions and limits. If I had my way there would be other clothes used for the minifigs, and probably three stickers used (back and front of the flag by the door) and one for the wall piece on side close to the entrance (either some nautical themed one or some cracks in the wall).

This is my first posting on Lego Ideas so I appreciate all comments and advices. Be frank and I'll make sure to come back with some even better and more impressive models!

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