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Operation: Steam Knights - Wise Man

Operation: Steam Knights

Concept - Set in a medieval kingdom, long ago in a distant land, wars were not fought using horses, but horse power!

Set idea - SK001 Steam Knight "Wise Man". What if a wizard had access to steam engine technology?

Features - Hinged hatch at the front to load The Wizard. Rotating turret with canon. Extending, hand rotated, drill arm. Joints at shoulders, knees, hips, ankles, toes and opening jaws on pincer arm.

Suggested as a new incarnation of the Knights Kingdom theme.

Steam Wizard (rear)

Steam Wizard (front)

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Additional information:

This is "technically" the first "steam punk" design I did for this theme, the previous designs had been styled as if they were magical suits of armour. As such, the mechanical styling was seriously minimal and the aesthetic more streamlined.

Ironically, the pilot I chose for this design was a wizard, the one person you would expect to be piloting a magic suit of armour. But I figured wizard is actually just an olde worlde term for genius. So this guy is less Merlin and more Tony Stark.

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