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Falcon Heavy Mars Mission


Falcon Heavy Mars mission is the future. So please can you all try and look passed what is in front of your faces today like no less then 10 Falcon Heavy's on the idea board and I have voted for most and I am sure one will get to 10k. But try and imagine for me a future version of the Falcon Heavy! Are you with me lets go on a journey together to explore a new world, a red planet.

See images 11 and 12 for a better understanding of how the plan will work. Basically the big heavy gets the shuttle into space then returns to Earth and lands vertically. The shuttle first docks with another re-fueling vehicle, then flys to Mars and lands vertically. It then unloads the Rover, perhaps some maintance robots, as well as the crew, who then set up a mini camp too start out. Then the shuttle returns too Earth. Next shuttle brings the next paypload and so on over several trips until a new colony is formed.


1. Shuttle with double hinged cockpit, as the nose cone opens up to the flight crew and the flight cockpit, and the belly of the shuttle contains the rover and sleep/bathroom chambers.

2. Falcon heavy vertically landing booster rocket, which is reusable uo to 1000 times in theory. The inside is mostly composed of mainly fuel tanks. It no longer requires the crude fold down landing struts used by Falcon heavy's today. By the time we actually put this plan into action they will no longer be needed. Since Elon Musk has sucessfully landed two heavy's side by side, I theorize this pushes the project up about 5 years, so dont be surprised if we are walking on Mars by 2030.

3. Mars Rover complete with rechargeable solar panels and multipule battery units on the roof, and a three person crew inside the rear compartment complete with rear hinged doors, and driver in the front cab.

Thank you so much as always for views and or votes and drop me link anytime as I try to see all projects but I get busy building and miss them from time too time.