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This is the sport of Fencing, where two opponents participate in a duel on a flat mat to see who is the best. The discipline here is the foil, one of the most common styles of fencing. It also has been an Olympic sport since 1896. Fencing is very entertaining to watch and see the speed the competitors move at, and their reflexes to block the incoming sword. The build consists of two minifigures, two poseable large figures, and a sign explaining fencing simply.

Why I built it is simple, fencing is underrated, for amazing skill needed and reflexes for a thin sword you can barely see, it is not as popular as other more well known sports. That is why I built it in Lego with poseable figures so people can do stop motion, kids can play with them like action figures, and/or a really cool office decoration.

I believe this would make an amazing Lego set because of the simplicity of the build, along with poseable figures that can move in almost any direction. It is not just a statue, but a playable set, a poseable set, a set for anyone and everyone.

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