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Passage Mansion


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Here is the Passage Mansion. It is a nice big play set. But the main thing about it and why it is so cool is this. There is a puzzle involved. The goal is to, using a minifigure, go from the entrance door at the bottom, into every room exactly once and come out of a window.

There is a couple rules:

1. In order to go through a passage, you must be able to put your minifigure through it.

2. If your minifigure is in one room, you can do things in other rooms.

3. You can remove or push down anything that will easily come off. (including the wall!)

Just to show you how truly awesome it is, I'll tell you how to do the puzzle. Once you come into the door, you'll turn the lamp in the roof 90 degrees in either direction. It will come out easily from the roof. After that you'll go through the window on your right. Then, if you pull the eyes on the face out a stud in the other room, a little section of roof will fall. After you go up through that, you want to pull the flag on top of the building up and out. You'll now be able to pull out the fireplace. Knock down the wall and crawl through the window. Remove the picture from the wall to find a hole. You'll have to partially close the mansion to knock down two little sections of wall. Put you minifigure down the hole. It will come out at the bottom behind the dresser. Remove the dresser. Now crawl through the little door. If you lift up the chair, remove the bed and knock down a little wall section, there will be a passage to crawl through. Walk up the stairs and remove the bookshelf and giant face. You'll have to knock down two wall sections. Remove the bed up above and the floor section beneath it. Open the trap door and go through. Remove the front half of the tower and go up into it. Remove the boxes on the right and drop through the hole. Close the mansion a little and knock down two little walls. You'll have to remove the little mansion model. Now crawl through the window and you're done!

This would make a good play set or it would be fun to get others to complete it.

I made this set because I do like a good big play set of most any building. (Just a little tip if you'd like my support ;)

It contains:

-The mansion

-Approximately 18 pieces of removable furniture

-1 mansion model

-4 roller skates

-4 minifigures

and more!

Please help me to reach all 10,000 supporters! 

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