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Sherlock - The Reichenbach Fall

This Lego Idea was inspired by the television series Sherlock and represents an idea from the episode 'The Reichenbach Fall' where Sherlock may have sat alone in deep thought after Moriarty says to Sherlock "I owe you a fall".

This was my first attempt at building a person and presented a number of challenges such as creating facial features, expressions, and body shape.

Sherlock has been a popular show since it began in 2010, inspired from the character and writings created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and attracting fans worldwide. This Idea would appeal to those many fans merging the creativity of Lego with the character(s) of a much loved show.

A number of different wall pictures can be created for the set. There is an optional 'IOU' picture that can be placed behind Sherlock in this set.

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