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Lego Animal Clinic


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  • This is my creation: an animal clinic. On the sidewalk there is a bench and a lamp. There is a lot of free space for LEGO minifigures. This set includes 4 windows and 2 glass doors. There are dark gray bricks throughout the building. The roof is flat and also has dark gray bricks.


  • When you go through the front doors, it is the first room. There is the a front desk and has filing cabinets. The waiting room has 2 chairs and a table for magazines. The waiting room includes an aquarium. In the first room there is access to the exam room.


  • The second room is a exam room. It includes a vet exam table, cat kennels,cabinets, doors, and other supplies. There is a door to access the backyard. There is a clipboard and space for whatever you want. 


  • The backyard has 4 dog kennels and space for minifigures to walk to see the kennels. The kennels have a bucket for food or water. The kennels have swing open doors, for easy access to the animals.  I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you will support it.



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