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Lego Stadium 2019


Hi all,this is Lego stadium,a project that comes from my great passion for football,that l have since l was a child and l used to dream to play in a stadium like this.

In this project l tried to reproduced a real stadium,with all its details,and l used roughly 500 pieces.

In this stadium l reproduced the playing field with football goals,corner flag and billboards,covered stadium grandstands with colored seats and stairs to acces them. Moreover l reproduced two lights to the sides of the grandstands,that l think look very realistic.

Finally,in the front part of the playing field,my touch of fantasy: the name of the stadium in large letters,surrounded by flowers,which give color and elegance.

l had a great time building this stadium and l tried my best,hoping that all football supporters (and not only) in the world will love it! Vamos a 1000