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Pirate's Stronghold


This is Pirate's Stronghold. It has docks, a great hall, armory, a gun deck, a bedchamber, an armory, a golden tower, a dungeon and captain's office. And This building was built in modular style. So it can open it's roofs and all gates, doors and windows.

The stronghold is devided into three parts(main keep, the port building, a golden tower). First part is main keep. it has six floor, and the ground floor is a great hall. The great hall have tables and stools, so pirates can have their meals. The first floor is gundeck, and this place is most mighty battle space in the stronghold. The second floor is pirate's bedchamber. The third floor is captain's office, and forth floor have balcony.

The stronghold's second part is the port building. port builidng have a armory and docks. The port building and main keep are connected by a stone bridge. The stronghold's third part is a golden tower. The tower has a golden room where houses a lot of treasures. Also it has a dungeon.


Approx Dimensions: Length 75cm x width 50cm x Height 60cm

Number of pieces: 8,349

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