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Portal One: Final Confrontation (Now Updated)

Farewell, Thank You, Question?


No, I'm not leaving LEGO Ideas: far from it. I have a number of other projects planned for the near future. Instead though, with only 5 days remaining on this project, I want to say thanks to everyone for their support and kind words. This project was my most successful for the longest time, and one I'm very happy to have worked on.

My Question is then: Should I repost this project? If the answer is yes, I will make sure to update and improve upon it before posting. Let me know in the comments what your thoughts are.

Thank's again to all of you.

'Sorry, we're closed.' ~Turret

Some great Portal projects


As the clock begins to wind down, I'd like to present some of the best Portal projects on Ideas, as well as those which hold the best chance of making it to 10,000. If you can, why not give them a support? Each person puts any project one step closer : )


Portal Test Chamber by t-brick


Still Alive - Portal 2 by BrickCore99


Portal 2 by Star_Lord1785


Portal 2 Configurable Test Chamber by GregoryAtkinson


Portal by jmcoleiii


Portal Gun by Ou7landers


GLaDOS by pitrek02

How to: The Cores


To say thanks to everyone for their support and great feedback (both complimentary and constructively critical!), I decided to say thank you by adding a How To of the Cores. It's really simple, requiring only 5 bricks (and perhaps a sticker or some other method to add the decals).

Turret Close Up


I did a render of the turrets, which are featured for the secondary build. Hope you enjoy them : )