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Portal One: Final Confrontation (Now Updated)


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“Well you found me. Congratulations.”
~GLaDOS, Portal 1

Based off the computer/video game Portal, this model reconstructs the climactic end fight between the main character Chell (the player) and the villain robot GLaDOS. While a number of LEGO Cuusoo projects are based on Portal 2, this reconstructs the end duel in the first game, featuring characters from Portal 1 including Chell, GLaDOS, and Cores.

General Set Description: This project features the large room where the confrontation of the game occurs. It has room enough for GLaDOS, Chell, the Cores, two Rocket Turrets and two additional regular turrets (all included). The room contains the incinerator where the Cores may be dumped after being knocked off GLaDOS' by portalled rockets. The openness of this set's design allows for easy viewing of the pieces inside as well as, easy play even for those with large fingers.
This room features the ability for unique play styles that help create more realistic play.

Features: The room features three possible Portal locations, prebuilt into the structure. There are three 'plugs' made to fill these in when a portal has not been made, giving a more realistic appearance. The fact that they can open allows for minifigures and rockets to pass through the openings.

The set includes 2 Chell minifigures, allowing for one to be put walking into a portal, while the other minifigure is stepping out of the second portal. This can be useful for stop-motion animators, display set-ups and even unique play. Likewise, more minifigures are always welcome by fans.

The set features Rocket Turrets which really fire, using flick-launcher missiles. One model can even be set up to fire through one of the portals, while the other Rocket Turret can be used to simulate the rockets returning through a second portal.

GLaDOS is articulated in four places, and can turn, bend and look around. The Cores can be attached or removed as desired. Each represent the four cores: Morality, Curiosity, Anger and Logic (Cake).

Piece Count: Approximately 632

For non-Portal fans: To those who neither care, nor like, Portal, this project still has a number of benefits for builders of all kinds. Remove GLaDOS, and the chamber can easily be turned into a large scene for science-fiction builds (lots of room and places for a lightsaber duel or a shuttle to land in!), a dance floor, or anything else that comes to mind. The portals in the walls can be sealed, or modified and turned into windows. With two Chells, the buyer can immediately collect two female minifigures. The Rocket Turrets feature flick-launchers which can be used on all sorts of space ships, tanks, exosuits or anything else one can imagine.

Here is a secondary model one can build. Featuring two turrets, the rest of the chamber is built only from parts and pieces of the original model. This can be any general test chamber one wants it to be.