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Soda Fountain


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This is project Soda Fountain. I constructed a mini lego version of a soda fountain, minifigure-friendly. This set includes a soda fountain with different selections that are labeled with different colors. It also features a tiny cash register with a single employee and very thirsty customers! It also has two platforms for the legos to sit on. There are 6 total minifigures that come with this set. And robots can get thirsty too!

I hope you like this set! It would make a nice addition to any lego city and let lego minifigures have a drink! There are a couple of mini bonus items featured: a laser gun, a banana, some golden cups, and even a cookie! Enjoy! Thank you for looking at this set. If you like it, support it, and if you want to say something about this set, please comment. Thank you!


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