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Clockwork Station


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Are you ready to get to work? Roll up your sleeves and let's begin! Welcome to Clockwork Station! It's the busiest hub of the LEGO City business world! Or it will be once you're through with it! Set features: 

-2,943 pieces! It seems like so much more but it really isn't! (I attached a screenshot of the number after I was done as proof!) 

-2 minifigures included; Security Guard and Office Worker

-Open Backed Roof and Modular Style Build allow for ease of access and greater playability! 

-Utilizes SNOT techniques for the ornate ground-floor windows, as well as the 2nd storey!

-Downstairs features a security desk (with a doughnut!) and a waiting area with chairs, potted plants, and a fountain! 

-Upstairs features four desks, multiple office filing cabinets, and a host of other small details! 

-Sidewalk features a large park bench, flower planters, and two brick-built lamp posts!

-Large, spacious roof contains multiple dormer windows, and two large towers

-Gothic statue design on the ground floor

This unique building is half filled, and is just waiting for new minifigure occupants! Freyburg Finance occupies the left side of the building, and has fully furnished the place. But what about the right? It's up to you to decide! Install an elevator to the roof! Fill the first floor with a fashion boutique or a bakery, the opportunities are endless! (Or at least bounded by the limits of LEGO!) So you can have a structured, ordered environment with a little bit of extra fun thrown in! 

Now that you're here, please support this project, it would be awesome to make it to 10000! Also, don't forget to check out my other Ideas projects:

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So tell your friends, tell your family, tell your pet! (If your pet knows how to work a computer, that is awesome ;) ) Let's get this project to 10,000 supporters! Thank you for your support, and feel free to leave comments and suggestions below! Rock on everyone! :) 

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