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Post Apocalyptic Diorama


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This is a small post apocalyptic model I threw together about a year ago. I was clearing out some old emails and came across this, and decided to share it with everyone. The apocalypse I envision this taking place in is some kind of zombie apocalypse, or virus outbreak.


Even though I do not expect this to become an actual set, I do think lots of people will get good inspiration from this. 

Expected Price- $20

Possible Additions- Survivor, Zombie

Additional Info-

Stickers by BrickStix

Loosely inspired by The Last Of Us.


I am also putting the finishing touches on a life sized respirator/gas mask, so be on the lookout for that.

Another small thing, why do the pictures I choose to use as the main picture always get blurry? I am honestly starting to feel like technology is against me!

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