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The Osiris


The Osiris is a luxury space yacht. Complete with sleeping and living areas.  It has big screen television, bar,wall mounted computer for entertainment and furniture to sit on. The sleeping area has beds and storage space for the parents and the child of the family. If the family decides to take a walk on the moon it also includes enough space suits for the family and the three person crew.

The design is mostly free of studs due to the smooth tiles in the main area and the grilled tiles in the crew area. it has allot of landing feet to keep its size stable and standing while on a flat surface. The back hatch drops open to become a landing ramp to let the people off it. All roof pieces from the cockpit window to the back of it will easily come off due to the smooth tiles and the odd two stud 4x1 flat tile. As it stands this build has 1652 bricks.

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