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One Night in İstanbul: Art

Hi, everybody,
Here I am presenting to you the "One Night in Istanbul: Art" set, which is my fifth Ideas project on your brow. I have seen art versions of some countries or cities being made on the Ideas platform. I also aimed to make an art set of Istanbul, a beautiful city located in Türkiye.

"If the world were a single state, Istanbul would be its capital"
Napoleon Bonaparte

The MOC I made is a 3D art MOC. In front are the rough waves of the Bosphorus of Istanbul. Behind them are the Maiden's Tower, one of the icons of Istanbul, the Bosphorus Bridge, the Çamlıca Tower and the iconic ferry.

"Istanbul, either you will take me or I will take you"
Mehmed the Conqueror

I designed the background star in the form of a night and added the crescent and the star.

"If they said you will look at the world for the last time, I would like this view from the Çamlıca of Istanbul"

I surrounded my 3-D MOC with a frame in black to represent the night. I also placed fish, cat and rudder pieces, which are Istanbul symbols, at the top of the frame.

Don't forget to state your opinions about the MOC. I would be very happy if you support other projects in my profile as well. :)

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