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The Wind Girondelle



I’m glad to introduce you this construction that I called « The wind Girondelle ». It’s a mix between an airplane and a weather vane.

I have spent a lot of time to find the best design that give a beautiful airplane and also a fully operational weather vane.

This construction use only existing LEGO bricks from my “LEGO family box”: It means it include my own LEGO when I was young, all my brother’s one and my nephew’s one. What a so BIG box!!!

The airplane is designed in order to have the best aero dynamism and a center of gravity under control. The propellers in the front of the airplane indicate the velocity of the wind and also create a funny illusion of animated toy. The rear spoiler allow the airplane to be always in front of the wind.

It is fixed to a pylon where the rotation has a minimum of friction to allow the airplane moving even if the wind is low.

The size of the base is designed in order to have a construction that stand up and keep in place despite the wind.

The airplane’s selected colors remind those of the wasp to be well integrated to the nature.

The idea comes from that I love playing LEGO which is mainly an indoor hobbie, and I also like enjoying outdoor. With the « The wind Girondelle », I spent long time in the garden to find the best wind spot for my construction.

If the weather is cloudy or cold, it’s also funny watching this construction by the window.

This construction could be a very great set due to its simplicity, originality, and innovation because it makes LEGO an outdoor game now!

It could be also an educative game : children build and analyse how “the wind Girondelle” turns in front of the wind. Children love this kind of scientific experiment!

Hope you will appreciate it.

Thank you and have a funny day!

Ready for a demonstration? Let's gooooo :