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Fight in the Flame Circle

Next to the Arena fights, there are also many special duels, for example fights in flame circles.

From a small grandstand the visitors watch the games. Beneath the seats is a small room with a Gladiator statue and a stool. There are also two meat pieces for the Gladiators to eat.

Inside the flame circle is a small catapult to throw minifigs and a rack for a net.

The flame circle fits perfectle in the Arena.

Near the Arena two thieves attack two rich romans who want to visit the battle with their carriage. The thieves lure them into a sidestreet, attack them and steal their gold.

The set includes 12 minifigs: a Dimachaerus, a Gladiator with a hammer, a Retiarius, a Murmillo, a Gladiator with two axes, three visitors, two thieves and the two romans who drive the carriage. All of the minifigs have backprinting and most of them doublesided faces.

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