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Ice Monster Attacks the North


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Aput is a young skimo who lives in the coldest place of Alaska, North Slope.

Some bad people wants to expel Aput´s family from their houses.

When Aput defends his home, our character realizes that he has a secret power.

He can control Ice. He can build things with ice bricks only with the use of his mind.

He nees to build something big to defeat his enemies.

Aput decides to create an Ice Monster called Igloo.

It can be strong and tough. Pure ice justice!


Now Igloo must attack the north of Alaska for a good cause.


Can you help Igloo to defeat bad people. Your support will help.


The set brings an ice monster, a heroic skymo and a wonderful mini igloo...


Support Igloo and Aput minifigure in a wonderful set.

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