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Super Racing Truck


Whether it is on the drag strip, on a race track, or in our driveway we all want to feel the roar of a big engine.  The goal here was to reimagine the racing truck.  What would it look like if the mold was broken?  How would it be styled if it was hopped up with imaginary performance parts?  How it would be colored if you built your truck as a "mix n' pick" from vehicle parts. 

This truck is not meant to model reality, just fun & speed.  I'd like to see more sets that allow young builders to retool and restyle the core build - E.g. Perform a guided engine swap from 3 different kit versions, as well swap grills & bumpers.  Essentially offer guided rebuilding around the core of the set.  One could even include a rocket pack add-on for the back of the truck.

In the end this "super" racing truck can be as fast as one's imagination can go...

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