Product Idea

The Knights’s Ship



The new first knight of the golden lily was chosen. He must now fulfill his duty in defending the weak of the evil powers!

A distant country, beyond the seas, is in difficulties and calls help the first knight. He gathered, then, these best soldiers but the road is long and full of pitfalls. They must then make a crossing by the seas known for these disappearances and its many strandings, to achieve it. They buy a boat from the best naval carpenter in the country and hire a captain with his crew to navigate the difficult seas. What the valiant knight and his soldiers do not know is that the captain and his crew are planning a mutiny in order to steal their boat.

What will happen? Will the knight and his soldiers survive? Will they succeed in accomplishing their missions?




A foldable access ramp.

A hold for storing food.

2 stairs to go to the stern of the boat.

A large scale of mat.

Movable rudder.

A wheel to tender the sail.


Number of pieces  with minifigs : 717

minifigs : 8

animals : 2 horses

This model was built using LEGO digital designer.




Length: 45 cm
Width: 19,8 cm
Height: 32 cm



Fan of the castle gamme since childhood, I create my own models on LEGO Digital Designer and created a world of adventure.