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The Crown Knights Castle

Welcome weary traveler to the Crown Knights Castle. Here you can find rest and have peace at mind. For no robber will be able to attack you her. My name is Sir Fredrick of Brick forest. My castle serves as a haven to weary travelers from the weather and from the many bandits that plague the forest. The castle consists of two towers, blacksmith, keep, dungeon, kitchen, living quarters, and a armory. The that make up the garrison are Peter the blacksmith, archers Matt, one eyed Harry, and John. Tom(also known as Tom the irritable), Paul, Samuel, Robin, and myself. Together we protect the castle from any dangers that might come a calling.

The set consists of 2090 pieces. The names of the are right to left. However the blacksmith is said first since he is not a solider. I hope you enjoyed. Please support and have a nice day.

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