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Cairo Street


Go back to the old streets of Cairo and help the masked thief steal the hidden treasures but first he must get past the sly market salesman, fight the guard and discover the secret gems. Lift up the plant by the ostrich to reveal hidden gold, swivel down a gun in the market stool encase of trouble, lift up the scorpion inside to find secret gems, smash past the guard and through the breakable chain, push a secret knife on the inside of the dome to knock out enemies and bombard the thief with sand from a little catapult in the tower.

This set contains four minifigures (thief, market salesman, rich ostrich owner and a guard) roughly 235 pieces big and plenty of  playable features.

I loved the Lego prince of Persia sets but they are  quite old now and I really wanted to design a market or something out in Egypt or in the desert as there are not  many sets like this.



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