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Hot Dog Mech


There are two types of people, Those that love Hot Dog Man, and those that are lying.

The year is 2018, and three years into his retirment, Hot Dog Man has finally finished working on his comeback. It is, of course, a 50ft high mechanical walker. Equipped with a mustard cannon and some sweet legs he begins his return to glory. What exactly that means is unkown, but he sure looks cool.

This handsome model contains around 270 pieces (including the hot dog stand) so need not be an expensive or particularly difficult build. A mix of Technic, Bionicle and 'Constraction' elements have been used along with standard System pieces to make a strong, simple but very posable model, with extra support from the trails of mustard at the back, which effectively make it a 4 legged model when you want to display it in a fixed position.

So do leave a comment and suggestions as there is always room to improve and update, Thanks for your support (where applicable).

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