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Meander into Marketplace!

The central hub of the modular street, Marketplace has everything your minifigures need and more.  At the Pizza Shop, they can get a great dinner, along with the entertainment of the crazy antics of their pizza flipping waiter.  Afterwards, they can visit Hal's Comics (HC) and pick out the latest edition of their favorite Lego superhero story.  Next is a stop-off at the stylist, where they can get their hair piece shined and restyled into the latest color and fashion.  And what visit to Marketplace would be complete without a new outfit?  Hats, shirts, and pants of every type are on display for your minifigure to select from, at the Clothing Warehouse.  Before leaving, they can enjoy one last moment to relax on the inviting patio.  Marketplace is sure to leave your minifigure with a permanent smile on their face! :)

I designed Maketplace because I really love architecture, and hope to do more projects like this.  My idea is to start a new line of Modulars, focusing on what the modern, urban minifigure would need.  My favorite part of this project is how the pizza shop came together, the humor I was able to put into the scene, and the structural details on the exterior.  I think this would be a great set for Lego, because it is both fun and functional on a modular street. 

Thanks for reading; please support!

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