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Harold The Tree Surgeon!



Welcome to my Lego proposal:


Harold used to work in a DIY store, but only as a stepping stone to his true passion, his dream career as a tree surgeon.

Harold only accepts jobs on apple trees so he can take a healthy snack break whenever he wants.

For when it's summer this is a job that can get extremely hot, so mini-figure of Harold comes with an optional shirtless torso so he can drop his logs in maximum comfort.

This will only be a small cheap set, maybe could be an accessory to a larger existing set.

I thought a tree surgeon character would be perfect for Lego because it comes apart easily.

I used Brown for the tree trunk because tree trunks are brown, and Green for the Leaves because unless it's autumn, this is generally their colour. I could have done green for the apples but I opted with red so they stand out more, If this design gets made I'm sure Lego will know what they prefer and obviously can change around as they please.

I'm aware Lego makes apple pieces but I opted to use actual Lego blocks to keep in spirit with the more retro and simple Lego sets from the olden days.

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Thank you for looking and please follow me for future projects!

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