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Bellatrix Lestrange's Bank Vault - Harry Potter

A new addition to the Lego Harry Potter series, Bellatrix's Gringott's Vault can connect with the already released Diagon Alley set #10217.

It was made with roughly 262 pieces but could be done in less, or even more for extra detail.

A Skeleton lays in the bank vault forever, hanging from the rafters.

At the end of the vault, perched high on a ledge, is the Horcrux Harry seeks.

Minifigs it should include are Harry and his Invisibility cloak, Ron in Death Eater clothes, and Hermione in Bellatrix Lestrange's clothes- with double-sided faces of Ron/Death Eater and Hermione/Bellatrix. Also, it could come with Griphook (Dobby is posing as Griphook below) and a Bank security guard.

A rat and spider occupy the space as well as a trove of treasures - with lots of spare treasure to help play out this particular scene.

A play feature could be a golden treasure chest up high which can be turned over to spill more treasures into the vault just like the original story features multiplying treasure when touched.

Finally, a lock and key feature wouldn't go astray in this set, I improvised with my prototype but it still works fine.

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