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Space Junkyard


"Over the last decade or so, raw materials for making space ships has become more scarce and more expensive. As a result, dealing with spare parts from recycled space ships has become big business. Tommy Trash runs a junkyard with his son on a former mining moon in a remote part of the galaxy, buying from and selling spare parts to recycle cruisers passing by."

Tommy and his son run their business from a small office building on the junkyard.

The set also includes two androids of models COP3 and DR22. They are operating a truck and a bulldozer to bring some order in the spare part mess. Unusable parts are put on a line that collects them in a storage shed, before they are destroyed or carried away by a garbage ship.

The set is quite easy to build and very playable. Every LEGO builder has a lot of spare bricks not in use for the moment that can be used as spare parts or garbage. This makes the set perfect for smaller children, probably aged 6-9, who both enjoy building and playing with the set.

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