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Medieval House - Knights house


Medieval House - Knights House

About the sets story:

This set is about a medieval knight who have been on job the whole day. He come´s home on the evening very tired with his horse and his armour on. In the home he get´s welcome by his wife. His wife make up some dinner for him so he can eat before he can get some rest. Next morning he haft to go on job and his wife make him good luck on job and se forward to that he will show up at the evening again. This happen everyday for this knight. This is his the daily life.

About the set / Project:

When I was creating this set I thought that I wanted to build a set about Medieval. I am very glad to build Medieval stuff in Lego and I hope you are too. Anyway this set have a function that i´m proud off. In the middle of the house you can open it up, so you will get inside the house. When you are inside the house you can see a fireplace. If you go back in the house, then you can push a button that will make it get light in the fire. This set contains two minifigures, one dog, one horse, some knights stuff, dinning table, kitchen table, one chair, one bed and one bookshelf.

I don´t know that this sets will go through. But anyway I hope you like it so much as I liked to build it.

Thanks for me! 

Regards a "Lego fan"

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