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Alternating Current Generator


Today we almost take electricity for granted. However, the ability to flick a switch and light up a whole house or walk through illuminated streets at night was once considered a fantasy. The discovery of generating electricity and sending it to homes and businesses took many years of development, fierce debate, superstition and financial cost. In the end, the generation of alternating current as a power supply prevailed and today we enjoy its many benefits.

The induction generator is a marvel of design and engineering. Each generator works by converting mechanical energy from a connected turbine into electrical energy. In order to generate power, the generator must spin its cylinder of magnets arranged in alternating polarity 1860 rotations per minute inside a large spindle of coiled wire. This spinning moves a current through the wire, and eventually, into the power grid and sent into all electronic devices.

While this model doesn’t create its own electricity, the cylinder does spin and can be easily accessed by removing the external casing.

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