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Car Wash: Express Polishing Tunnel

For some car wash customers, a perfect exterior cleaning is not enough. This likely drove the invention of the popular express wax detailing service offered by many car washes today. But the express wax process is slow and quality often varies from detailer to detailer. Plus, a Dutch car wash equipment distributor was looking for a new service to market to car wash operators, enhancing their customers' experience. So, Peco, a car wash equipment manufacturer, decided to begin selling specialized polishing systems to speed up the express wax process.

In Europe, particularly the Netherlands, some car washes offer automated express waxes to their customers as an upgrade to their washing service. First, the car gets washed, polished, and dried in a standard automated car wash tunnel. Next, the customer drives their car from the wash tunnel exit to a separate polishing tunnel. An employee then sprays a polishing compound onto the vehicle. The car, now loaded onto a conveyor, is sent through a series of brushes with polishing material to buff the car. As the car drives out, tire shine is applied automatically. The result: nothing short of perfection.

This facility consists of a single mid-sized tunnel, complete with equipment, including a conveyor, a compressed air wand (for removing any remaining water), a polish application wand, an entry arch (for decorative purposes), buffing units, and tire shine machines. It can easily be combined with a separate LEGO car wash to make the ultimate car wash facility.

To complete the set, a red sports car is included so that builders can have a car to receive the tunnel's ultimate surface-shining capability.

If your you require your LEGO car to have that showroom shine, the Express Polish Tunnel can deliver the perfect polish!