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These MOC was built by fianat


Item #: 211014
Ages: 14+
Pieces: 1832
Price: USD $269.99/ EUR €279.99/ CAD $259.99
Year: 2012 (I think^_^)
Size: micro-scale
Theme: sci-fi

Hello! こんにちは! Salut! Hola!
My name is Anton and I thank you for supporting my work!
I am a very huge fan of sci-fi and of course of LEGO!
I built many different MOCs, but this Sci-fi MOC is first of my space-works. This is a Prometheus, space-pirate's ship.

:> Prometheus mainframe ... log in
welcome, officer Hackett
:> info ... success
:> User id ... 234353
Earth date ...05 11 2198
Mission date ... 43 days, 4 hours, 22 minutes
:> exit
:> logged out

LEGO CUUSOO is real wishmaster!
Please help me to do my dream real! Support and say some words about this creation to make this a real lego set!
For more photos and details, please visit my flickr.
My topic will be updated so far!
Please share this with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.
Thanks for your support. Enjoy!

Thanks for your watching and for your support!

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