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Klondike Gold Washplant


This set is a wash plant typical of one at an Alaskan mine in the Klondike. It has a conveyer belt that brings gold rich pay dirt into the sprayers so they can wash the dirt as the gold falls into the sluice box  for the miners to collect. The grizzly bars protect the conveyer belt from large rocks and the smaller tailings are washed down and out of the plant via the at the end. This realistic wash plant teaches kids about mechanics and mining.  

This set was very fun to build, and I'd like to build more sets to go along with it because there are lots of machines and buildings at a mine. I spent 2 weeks designing this wash plant after looking at wash plant designs and watching tv shows about mining. Mining is a very interesting profession that lots of people like to learn more about. I really like learning about mining because I love gold. I like learning about how to get get gold out of the ground.

I think that kids, teens, and adults would love this set. Also I think homeschooling moms would buy this set for their kids because its educational, and my mom always wants to buy "educational" toys. A lot of people like to watch shows about mining like Gold Rush. I love watching how Parker runs his own mine even though he is really young. Watching Parker on Gold Rush is why I am so interested in mining and why I built this wash plant. I think kids and teenagers would all really love to have their own LEGO wash plant and mine just like Parker does.



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