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Lego Star Wars Mos Eisley Fruiterer


Mos Eisley - a lawless city and one of the largest ports in the desert Tatooine space, which is mainly viewed as a haven of hitchhikers, thieves, smugglers and villains of all races.
As the birthplace of Anikin Skywalker Mos Eisley is the unofficial center of the Outer Rim. Her impressive architecture formed from the given materials and resources of the planet.
A good reason to create this vibrant city from Lego and gradually form an artistic interpretation.

Lego Star Wars Project Mos Eisley Set #03 Fruiterer

Exotic fruits from another planet are to earn a livelihood for some residents Mos Eisleys possible. Under the hood, some rarities can be obtained. With this set you bring a little of this life to your room and resting with the Bike through the dunes of Tatooin.

This set contains:

01 Two minifigures

02 Modified swoop bike | 50 Bricks

03 Fruit stand | 396 Bricks

Total: 446 Bricks

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