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Lego Indoor Swimming Pool


This is a model of what a Lego indoor swimming pool would look like. Don't mind that there are no walls, just pretend they are there :-)

 The pool is designed to have a deep end and shallow end, and as you can tell from the pictures, the 'water' is removable, so the bottom of the pool is fully accessible! Also included is a side window, so a minifig can look in from a basement and see swimmers frolicking about in the deep end, add some light, and it looks like they are really under water!

 You can also tell that the tiles representing the water are transparent, so you can see under water from the surface! The water is actually two 1/3 thickness tiles tall and deep end water is darker than the shallow end water.

 Included are lifeguard chairs, a slide (which i want to change in the future, and am open to suggestions) a diving board, inflatable ring, soccer ball and a red rubber ball, 'sinking rings' and a box for storage.

 I hope you enjoy this build as much as I enjoyed making it, and feel free to leave me a suggestion! Thanks for your support!

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