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The LEGO Movie Logo


Vitruvius will be included.

Another update for this. Vitruvius will be included in this thanks to the idea of PrimeMerlinian. He suggested this do to Vitruvius being in a large set with lord business. Great set but it is $70. I am going to get the set over the course of the summer. Vitruvius will be included.


Just got better!

The LEGO Movie logo got better and closer to the one seen in the film (actually just posters and pictures.) Nevertheless, I have added the bricks on top of the word "LEGO" as suggested by SkywardMan. Here are a few pictures.The stand would not be included, but I could make instructions for it.

A close up of the of the new model.

That is it for now! If you have any suggestions leave it in the comments. And don't forget to follow me!


A couple of new things.

I added some new things. One being that there is one more layer of bricks going up.That way the word " THE" fits and "MOVIE" has an even number of black blocks on the bottom and top.

Another thing is a stand,Which allows the angle of the logo to look better.

That's it so hope you enjoy!

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