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Extreme Extra Terrestrial Encounter


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At the base on the planet known as sector-51 AKA Earth, aliens from the planet sector-86 or Locondan are going to try to take control over sector-51 starting with the Super Secret Organization of Intergalactic Studies. But the SSOIS came prepared and are ready to battle the Locondians.

This set comes with 4 SSOIS agents and a SSOIS scientists. They are Amy(girl with glasses), Tony(blonde guy), Jeff(other guy), Stacy(female mechanic), and Dr.Ivor Luceius. It also come with 2 Locondian warriors, a Locondian Spector Driver, and a Locondian Commander. It also comes with one of many SSOIS mini bases, a SSOIS Deliverer Kart, and a Locondian Specter-MK2. The Mini Base has some control panels and a gunner station powered by a Cyberdine Crystal molded to fit the power station.

The old Alien Invasion sets inspired me to make this idea project. I guess Star Wars inspired me a little bit to. Also yes, I did in fact came up with the names off the top of my head. You can tell by most of the main characters' names. Oh and BTW the gas mask things are for when you wan't to pretend they are not on Earth.

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