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Police Photographer Truck

  • Image 1: A shot of all characters, places, vehichles, elements, and bricks in the 'set'. Shown are specially designed minifigures representing Inner-City police and a crook with a $100 bill. 
  • Image 2 shows a picture of a top view of a scene. Road plate is not included in the set and is merely a background element.
  • Image three shows yet another scene top view at an angle. No road plate.
  • Images 3, 4, & 5 show the police photographer with different variants of a camera. Regular, zoomed, and Night-Vision.
  • Image 6 is a police officer using a scaner made of camera and 1x1 elements.
  • Image 7: The back storage area of the photographer's truck comes off to reveal (Images 8 & 9) A newspaper hidden behind the seat of the truck.
  • Image 10 is a scene with the police motercycle.
  • Images 11 & 12: The opening hatch door in the storage box of the truck. It reveals peices to a scanner, Camera parts, the Camera itself, and a hammer.
  • Images 13 and 14 show the crook opening the bench to reveal a crowbar and a $100 bill.
  • Image 15 is a scene where a policeman jokingly traps the crook in a trash bin.


1 Police officer with a Radio (Walkie Talkie) element.

1 Police officer with a Handcuff element

1 Photographer police officer with a camera element that has a 1x1 tube and 1x1 translucent red circular plate. The scanner used is made of camera elements and a blaster element (not used for harm).

1 Crook with a crowbar and $100 bill


Lamp post and flower with pothole With a 8x1 flat plate (using LxW)

Bench (opens to reveal secret crook storage) With a 8x1 flat plate (using LxW)

3 bricks (Two 2x2 and One 4x2) (Using LxW) and a garbage bin with a lid (Lid as a 2x2 circular element)


Storage truck



Other elements:



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