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Ninjago Dragon Arena


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Ninjago continues to be a popular LEGO® theme. How do I know? Because I am still asked by the kids in my neighborhood to build Ninjago arenas for their birthday parties. The Ninjago Dragon Arena was my third and most popular. It's a Spinjitzu player's dream with a fully tiled arena floor and thematic audiences in every corner.

This creation covers four entire baseplates, utilizing plenty of tiles for the dragon mosaic floor. It could easily be offered up in multiple sets that come together to create the ultimate arena. What better way to show off the mosaic potential of tiles than in a beloved LEGO® theme which can also host awesome Spinjitzu battles?

The Ninjago Dragon Arena has been viewed thousands of times on my Flickr page and has been blogged and shared by many enthusiastic fans of the theme.

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