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The Grand Tour: John the Kit Car

„Hello and welcome to The Grand Tour…“

The Grand Tour is an Amazon’s original world known car show, which TV hosts Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May started after they’ve left the BBC’s car show called Top Gear.
The car
John is an off road vehicle, that Clarkson, Hammond and May have built in The Grand Tour’s 2019s Mongolia special in the middle of Mongolian desert full of dunes, bumps and mountains when they received a three boxes full of car parts. They had enough food just for few days to build the car and drive it to a nearest town which was hundreds of miles away. John was the result of their build. It has survived everything that Mongolia prepared for it – big bumps, rocks, swamps, mountains, dunes and even a water. It has never broken down during this trip and it transported the hosts to the finish point.

Underneath a wooden pallet bonnet, it has a Land Rover’s TDI engine mounted in the back. It’s a 4x4 (obviously) and it has a steering wheel in the middle.

The build
My model is built of 376 pieces, it has a four custom stickers and it’s built by using a programme called Bricklink studio which I deeply recommend to everyone who wants to build models like this and doesn’t have enough bricks.

It includes:
-  John - the car itself with removable roof
-  1 tent
-  3 minifigures of hosts
-  a campfire
-  a saucepan
-  a map
-  a shovel
-  3 spoons
-  3 dishes with food
-  a crowbar
-  a wrench
-  an axe
-  a hammer
-  an adjustable wrench
-  a tool box wrench
-  an oil can
-  a screwdriver
-  a drill
…everything the hosts need to survive.

There are some drawbacks that I would love to change. For example, the map which has a marked route of the trip, or the yellow skin of the hosts. Those are some little things that I couldn’t repair and I hope them doesn’t bother you.
Why this?
The Grand Tour is I think the best car show that has ever been made. What I think is the best about it, is that it’s not only about cars. Yes, it is mainly about the cars, but there is also a lot of creativity, joy and friendship happening there and that’s also what I think is the Lego about.

I think The Grand Tour deserves it ‘s place on our shelves. Especially the John, the car that was built by three men who haven’t had any instructions on how to build it, like the real Masterbuilders! And definitely the car itself, which survived the whole mongolian wilderness deserves a glory. What I think is that if we grouped together and made it to a 10k or even better, to the Lego set, we would honour John the best.

I think now It’s our turn to build the John!

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