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Space Divide


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Space explorer's wanted:

​Are you bored of your normal day job, is life in Lego City getting a bit dull? Then this the job for you. Join Captain "Dead eye" Duncan, Geologist Gavin Rocks, and rookie pilot Lincon Swift, as they explore new Planets in Lego Space's latest exploration vehicle, Space Divide.

A Son's plea:

The reason for uploading this to Lego ideas is a simple one. I was playing lego with my 8 year old son and I built what became the prototype for this project. My son loved it and asked if there was anyway he could buy it from a shop. After speaking to Lego services and being directed to the Lego ideas site I started work. And here it is, what I hope is a simple yet fun set, with plenty to do and cool vehicles to use.

 The set contains :

  • 3 mini figures, including Captain "Dead Eye" Duncan, Gavin Rocks and Lincon Swift.
  • A long range Drone for scouting out the surrounding area.
  • 2 short range Space Ships for quick travel and exploration of hard to reach areas.
  • A large wheeled all-terrain roving vehicle or ATRV for short.

The ATRV is the control centre for the Drone, and Geologist Gavin Rocks research lab. Featuring control panel with computer, two rock cutting plasma pistols and two multipurpose hand scanners for scanning rocks and artefacts, they also make great torches.

Space Divides multi-vehicle connections allow you to put together the individual parts in a number of different ways to make the right vehicle for your Planet exploration.  


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