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This is what the wealthy minifigures of Lego City commute or travel with. It always promises style and lots of heads turning your way. My elegant limo took longer to build than my other Cuusoo models, getting all of the positioning right and making there be enough space for 5 minifigures. I think the work paid off, creating a long car that will attract lots of turning heads. I present...the works.

There are two doors, one on each side, corosponding to where the passengers sit. They are 3 bricks long, enough for a minifigure to fit through, and actually have a window peice in them (from the Indiana Jones Shanghai Car Chase set, if I remember correctly) so that the people in the back seats can look out into everything around them, from countryside to nasty traffic jams.

Also, the back opens to reveal a huge trunk (shown on its own in another picture).

The inside reveals 4 passenger chairs, one driver seat, and 2 small tables. The driver has access to a steering wheel and the drive-neutrel-reverse lever. One coffee cup is supplied for the passengers, and the bar is pretty unusable, but that might change in an update. The seat in the back is able to get direct access to the doors, though he/she does not have a proper seat.

This picture shows just how big the trunk is. It might not be able to hold the Mythbusters' high speed camra with ease, but it can hold a whole minifigure comertably (perfect for all of your kidnapping needs)!

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This project was created by Wilbrick.
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Submitted: October 12th 2012
Published: October 15th 2012
Update 1: April 12th 2013
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