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 I am a huge fan of the Inheritance cycle, which contains Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr, and Inheritance. I have read the series more than 8 times and have wanted to make LEGO Eragon sets ever since I heard of the series.

This set is the castle of the evil king, Galbatorix. If you look at the last close-up, you can see a closer view of the characters. The characters included in this set are Saphira, twelve evil foot soldiers, five evil archers, Barst, Thorn, Eragon, Queen Islandzadi, Roran, two elven warriors, 3 good foot soldiers, Galbotorix, Solumbum the werecat  [in his human form,] Angela, Arya, a village father, a village mother, two village children, Murtagh, Orik, and two dwarves. 

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