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The Witch's Hut


I present to you, "The Witch's Hut"! Typically the classic Witch is thought of being a wicked and devious creature that brews vile potions, and curses unsuspecting souls with black magic. For this I wanted to use the witch as not a being of evil, but rather as an eccentric and curious person. living in the swamp, studying the properties of the flora and fauna, and of course honing her (not so evil) magical spells and healing potions! 

This set proper includes the following features:

  • Over 1,010 pieces!
  • Includes one Witch minifigure and her animal companions!
  • Removable top and swing-able roof to view the inside
  • Includes cauldron, bed, shelves for magical ingredients and more!

I am quite proud how this set came out, and I am so very, very excited to share it with you all! If you like this set, help me out with a support, and this set could very well be yours!

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