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Lego Superman Mosaic


Did you, a fan of superman ever want more than a Superman Tee shirt? Well here is your chance. My latest creation is a Lego Superman Mosaic!

Now, at first glance or up close, this may seem like an average Lego creation, but let me reassure you, it's not. As you begin to back away, the square Lego pieces turn into curves. At ten feet away, you can still make out the individual Lego bricks. At 20 feet, you will begin to see curves, and it will look more like the real thing. At 30 feet away, you are unable to tell if this Superman mosaic is Lego, or not.

I have designed it to be an exact diamond shape, and is as close to the real thing as it can be. When this creation is view from distance, it is really quite remarkable.

Now that I have shown you my project, the rest is up to you! I appreciate any support given to my project, and if you do support it, please inform your friends of my project.


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