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Operation: Steam Knights - Centrix

Operation Steam Knights: Centrix

Set includes:

- Hinged hatch to insert and remove mini fig pilot
- Mini Fig knight "Centrix"
- Multi-limbed centaur styled mecha unit
- T-bar joints to allow plenty of posing and play value
- Dual form shield/claw weapon and lance (shield claws can be detached for use by minifig.

Fiction: In the world of the Steam Knights wars are fought using powerful suits of armour that function as "mecha". These are powered by steam, clock work or magic.

Centrix is a knight who serves the emperor of the lowlands and defends the empire from invaders. To aid him he wears an enchanted suit of armour styled after the mythical centaurs. He wields a lance and shield which can convert into a short dual bladed sword for duelling.

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Close up of Sword deployed.

Close up of shield mode.

Centrix, piloting his magical centaur mecha.

Centrix outside of his armour.

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