Product Idea

Hunter Hut

Welcome to the old man's McCloud hut! A long time ago, together with his wife, Christine, he built a house in the quiet forests of Alaska and lived there living by hunting, fishing and gathering.

I prepared this project a very long time, but all hands did not reach it here. On it I was inspired by some Shows of the Discovery Channel. The project consists of 2327 bricks and 4 mini-figures:
- old man McCloud
- his wife Christina
- dog Rex
- cat Oscar
In addition, there are a lot of auxiliary objects for the figures in the project:
- chainsaw
- screwdriver
- spanners
- scrap
- a hammer
- hatchet
- gun
and many others
Roof of the hut and second floor can be easily removed. The model is fully playable.

So I tried to convey the atmosphere of hermitry through an old pickup truck :)

I hope you enjoyed