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GS Silent Watcher


The villainous prisoner Apex Spark is being transported to prison for his deeds by the agents of Astor City. Despite the highly secretive measures, the villain, Minute Flame got wind of where the agents were headed and is determined to rescue Apex Spark before he can be brought to justice. Defend the GS Silent Watcher gunship with the agents of Astor City from Minute Flame!

The Project:

The GS Silent Watcher would fit seamlessly in with the LEGO company's current brand, Ultra Agents. With it's color scheme, characters, detail and play experience, this project would not only hopefully attract children, but also older fans of LEGO.

The Details:

Listed below are the features and details that this project has to offer.

  • Detachable cockpit which can fit two minifigures.
  • Detailed interior complete with prisoner cell, supercomputer, weapons rack, tool box, engine computer, jars full of chemicals, and a cargo bay.
  • Rotating gun turrets on the cockpit, and top of the Silent Watcher.
  • Flaps which can be lifted up to reveal interior.
  • Removable roof, and opening cockpit.
  • Minute Flame and his hoverboard.

The Minifigures:

A list of the minifigures is featured below.

  • 2 Ultra Agent pilots.
  • 2 villains, Minute Flame and Apex Spark.
  • 3 agents, Neil McClain, Kendra Teal, and Jay White.

How to Spread the Word:

First off, for better quality photo's of this project and my other creations, you can check me out on Flickr! You can spread the word through Twitter, Facebook, sci-fi forums, Reddit, friends, family, blogs, websites and wherever you deem fit. If you like this project, than please share it!

Closing Words:

Thank you for taking the time to view my project! If you liked it, than please hit the Support button. And if you have any questions, than feel free to ask away in the comments! I will take all suggestions into account, and make the essential changes.

Thank you once more. We can only make it with your help!




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