Product Idea

Samurai Jack vs. 3-In-1 Aku

"Long ago in a distant land, I, Aku, the shape-shifting Master of Darkness unleashed an unspeakable evil. But a foolish samurai warrior wielding a magic sword stepped forth to oppose me. Before the final blow was struck, I tore open a portal in time and flung him into the future, where my evil is law! Now the fool seeks to return to the past and undo the future that is Aku!"

Samurai Jack needs not only your help to return home to the past and defeat the evil Aku, but also your support to make this epic product idea a reality!

About My Product Idea

This product idea pits Jack against a 3-in-1 rebuildable model of Aku, which can be rebuilt into his winged form or a scorpion using any parts from his main form! That's how you could make Aku shape-shift! However, some pieces will have to be set aside when you rebuild Aku.

Part Count

Samurai Jack minifigure with sword and hat accessories: 6
Aku 3-in-1 model: 282

Total: 288 pieces

(Part count may increase through project updates)

Why Should This Be Real?

As a huge fan of Cartoon Network who grew up watching Samurai Jack years ago, LEGO and Cartoon Network seem to have a splendid licensing partnership.

Also, Samurai Jack will be having its 20th anniversary on August 10, 2021, and the show is still spawning lots of merchandise to this very day, including a new video game released on August 21, 2020.


  • Jack's hairpiece will have to be swapped with his hat in order to wear it.
  • Aku's mouth was made from the new-mold 2x4 oval tile introduced in the LEGO Super Mario theme, in case you're wondering.
  • Please stay tuned for updates to my product idea, for I may add some of Aku's minions!